About KNB

The Royal Dutch Association of Civil-law Notaries (KNB) ensures that notaries and deputy (civil law) notaries perform their duties expertly, independently and with integrity. The organisation draws up rules and regulations, organises a professional development programme for notaries and deputy (civil law) notaries and provides them with information about developments in their area of expertise.


The KNB promotes the provision of an accessible quality service by the Dutch notarial profession. The organisation also maintains contact with the business community, politics and media and informs consumers about the services provided by notaries.


All notaries and deputy (civil law) notaries are automatically members of the KNB. They are organised into chapters. The KNB also has a board, a members’ council and a general meeting of members. The secretariat of the KNB assists the board in the exercise of its duties.

Services to notaries and junior notaries

  • courses and training sessions
  • dispute mediation
  • NotarisNet
  • insurance cover

Services to consumers

  • Notaristelefoon – telephone service
  • brochures
  • notaris.nl – website
  • Central Register of Wills
  • dispute mediation