The KNB promotes the interests of the Dutch notariat also cross borders. The KNB is involved in international developments and makes these part of her national policy. The KNB is associated with two international organizations: UINL and CNUE.


The Council of the Notariats of the European Union (CNUE) is a partnership of notariats within the European Union. 22 states within the European Union that have notariats are connected. The CNUE decides which position the jointly European notaries have with respect to the policy of the European institutions. 

The CNUE represents the notarial profession at a European level. The CNUE is actively involved in the creation of European regulations considering the European notariats. CNUE informs the connected notariats and also provides permanent education for notaries about European law.

Contribution KNB

The KNB participates in the General Assembly. Representatives of the Dutch notariat share their knowledge and visions in the dozen working groups of the CNUE. These working groups aim for instance at company law, anti-money laundering, new technologies, family law, succession law, real estate and mediation.

The KNB has presented her peer review system to the CNUE: brochure English (pdf 935 kB); brochure French (pdf, 911 kB). Other European notariats are very interested.

The KNB has also contributed to a position paper about the European notariat: Plan 2020. This plan describes the added value of the notariat for society and is available in several languages.

More information: brochure CNUE (pdf, 2,0 MB) and the website of the CNUE.


Via the network of ARERT several European registers of last wills can communicate with each other. thus enabling all European citizens to discover the wills left by any deceased person regardless of the country in which such will was registered. See for more information the website of ARERT.
A CTR guarantees that a deceased persons last wishes are respected and strengthens the legal certainty. So ARERT recommends, even the UK, to join the network

SME lobby agenda

Together with MKB-Nederland (Dutch Federation of Small and medium-Sized Enterprises) KNB has presented the EU lobby agenda 2017 'ACT small first'. In this agenda the notariats are mentioned as examples of lobbying for EU regulation and of EU cofunding cross border education projects and websites.

European Notarial Network

The European Notarial Network (ENN) supports notaries in the European Union in their contacts with other European notaries. More information: website European Notarial Network.


The Union Internationale du Notariat (UINL), also known as Union, is a worldwide organisation of notaries. Over eighty countries are connected. The proceedings of the UINL are organized per continent in committees and subcommittees.

At European level the committee CAE (Commission des Affaires Européennes) is active. This committee gathers twice a year. The UINL organises a scientific congress every three years. Last congress was held in October 2016, in Paris. More information: website of the UINL


European directory of notaries a European directory of notaries. European citizens, entrepreneurs and legal services can find data of approximately 40.000 notaries in the European Union.

Information about legislation in European counties