Cookie overview

This overview shows the cookies that may be used on this website:

  • The source
  • Names of the cookies that this sources places (at least one, but often multiple)
  • The purpose for which the cookies are used.
Youtube Purpose
PREF cookie
An embedded Youtube video collects visitor information and custom preferences.


Vimeo Purpose
__utma cookie
__utmb cookie
__utmc cookie
__utmz cookie
An embedded VIMEO video collect browsing behaviour through Google Analytics.


Google Analytics Purpose
__utma cookie
__utmb cookie
__utmc cookie
__utmz cookie
Google Analytics is a web analytics service provided by Google Inc. Through cookies, the customer gets insight information to her site visit. Think of visitors, popular pages and topics. In this way the client can communicate better meet the needs of the web site visitors. The customer can not see who (which PC) visits the website.


Facebook Purpose
c_user cookie
Datr cookie
Fr cookie
Lu cookie
Presence cookie
If a user is logged into Facebook, Facebook can place cookies on his/her computer through the site. These are needed to use the like functionality in messages and updating his/her status.


Twitter Purpose
guest_id cookie
Twll cookie
K cookie
If a visitor is logged into Twitter, Twitter can place cookies on his/her computer through the site. These are needed to use the like functionality and it gains insight about a timeline.


AddThis Purpose
Uid cookie
__atuvc cookie
Psc cookie
AddThis uses cookies to track from which website a visitor using AddThis comes. #. UFL3Go3iY3g

In addition many more share-buttons can be shown through AddThis. For example Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit and Pinterest. The usage of these functionality is through AddThis.


LinkedIn Purpose
_lipt cookie
Lw cookie
__qca ccokie
Bcookie cookie
If a user is logged on LinkedIn, LinkedIn can place cookies on his/her PC. These cookies are needed to share messages.


Livits CMS/CRM/DMS Purpose
_____cci_cnfsid cookie
ASP.NET_SessionId cookie
Cookies for statistics, to preserve keywords, login, back to the previous page function and activating plugins are used for statistics.


Google +1 Purpose
BEAT cookie
ULS cookie
Google +1 plugin is used to recommend a website.


Google Maps Purpose
NID cookie
PREF cookie
SNID cookie
Google Maps on the contact page shows detailed information about the location of the organization.


AAA functionaliteit Purpose
fontType cookie This cookie stores which font is used on the visitor's computer. This is purely functional, for the convenience of the visitor.


Flash Purpose
Diverse cookies Flash has the possibility to store cookies, outside the browser. Flash applications (like YouTube and use these.


Iframes Purpose
Diverse cookies External applications which are shown in so called iframes can place cookies. For example Google Analytics.

This list is not exhaustive because every day new software and therefore cookies are invented / used.